“Bad Moms” Movies in Order (2016 – 2017)

I don’t know who might need this, but there are just two “Bad Moms” movies out there released in 2016 and 2017 respectively, so, I’m not even supposed to make a post about this, but just to fulfill all righteousness, here are the “Bad Moms” movies in order. #enjoy!!!

“Bad Moms” Movies in Order

Bad Moms20161h 40m
A Bad Moms Christmas20171h 44m


Now, for the summaries;

Bad Moms

Released in 2016 and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. Bad Moms is a comedy film with a story following Amy Mitchell, a seemingly perfect and overburdened mother who juggles a demanding job, a lazy and unappreciative husband, and the pressures of maintaining an idealized family life. Fed up with the unrealistic expectations placed upon modern mothers, Amy decides to let loose and embrace her “bad mom” side.

Amy befriends two other moms, the carefree and uninhibited Carla, and the socially responsible but uptight Kiki. Together, they form an alliance to break free from the conventional standards of motherhood and embrace a more relaxed and carefree lifestyle.

A Bad Moms Christmas

When the three Bad Moms mothers come visiting for Christmas, a new level of chaos is unveiled as Amy’s perfectionist and demanding mother, Ruth, Kiki’s overly attached and clingy mom, Sandy, and Carla’s wild and free-spirited mother, Isis, each bring their own set of quirks and challenges.

The arrival of these overbearing grandmothers escalates the holiday stress for the Bad Moms, as they attempt to create the perfect Christmas while dealing with their mothers’ expectations and idiosyncrasies.

“Bad Moms” is just the movie to watch if you’re a mom with a large family, and looking for a source of laughter this festive season, and that wraps it up for how to watch the “Bad Moms” movies in order.

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