Actor, David Krumholtz Movies and TV Shows (1993 – 2024)

David Krumholtz is both an actor and a producer with an active career spanning over 30 years. He has appeared in some very popular movies like “Superbad”, “This is the End”, “Harold and Kumar“, etc. So, if you’re a fan of this comedic actor, then here’s all of the actor, David Krumholtz movies and TV Shows.


David Krumholtz Movies and TV Shows

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Actor, David Krumholtz Movies and TV Shows


Life with Mikey19935.6 (6.5K)
Addams Family Values19936.8 (108K)
The Santa Clause19946.6 (132K)
The Ice Storm19977.3 (59K)
Slums of Beverly Hills19986.7 (14K)
10 Things I Hate About You19997.3 (375K)
Liberty Heights19997.0 (7K)
How to Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog20006.8 (3.6K)
The Mexican20016.1 (112K)
Sidewalks of New York20016.4 (6.9K)
Two Can Play That Game20016.1 (7.3K)
According to Spencer20014.5 (729)
You Stupid Man20025.7 (2.6K)
The Santa Clause 220025.7 (64K)
Cheats20026.0 (4.5K)
Scorched20035.9 (7.1K)
Kill the Poor20035.2 (238)
Looking for Kitty20046.0 (960)
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle20047.0 (204K)
Ray20047.7 (156K)
Guess Who20055.9 (45K)
Crazy for Love20055.3 (350)
Serenity20057.8 (304K)
Bobby20067.0 (43K)
Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny20066.8 (114K)
Live!20075.8 (5.1K)
Battle for Terra20076.5 (12K)
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story20076.8 (77K)
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay20086.5 (141K)
I Love You, Man20097.0 (215K)
Mr. Popper’s Penguins20116.0 (104K)
A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas20116.2 (72K)
Tuna20135.9 (53)
The Big Ask20134.8 (680)
This Is the End20136.6 (431K)
The Judge20147.4 (200K)
I Saw the Light20155.8 (8.1K)
Hail, Caesar!20166.3 (142K)
Sausage Party20166.1 (207K)
Casual Encounters20164.4 (582)
Ghost Team20164.8 (2.4K)
Wonder Wheel20176.2 (31K)
A Futile and Stupid Gesture20186.7 (18K)
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs20187.2 (164K)
Frances Ferguson20196.3 (1K)
Crown Vic20196.4 (8.2K)
Asking for It20204.8 (146)
Down with the King20215.8 (461)
National Theatre Live: Leopoldstadt20228.5 (54)
Oppenheimer20238.4 (586K)
Lousy Carter20236.7 (37)

TV Shows

Law & Order1993S4, E1
Monty1994S1, E1 – 12
Pig Sty1995S1, E12
Chicago Sons1997S1, E1 – 13
Union Square1997S1, E4 & 7
Justice League of America1997N/A
The Closer1998S1, E1 – 10
Freaks and Geeks2000S1, E15
The Trouble with Normal2000S1, E1 – 9
2001S1, E8 – 13
ER2000S6, E13 & 14
2002S8, E11
Undeclared2001S1, E10
2002S1, E17
Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie2002N/A
Lucky2003S1, E7
Sick in the Head2003N/A
The Lyon’s Den2003S1, E1 – 11
Wainy Days2007S2, E5
Numb3rs2005S1, E1 – 13
2005 – 2006S2, E1 – 24
2006 – 2007S3, E1 – 24
2007 – 2008S4, E1 – 18
2008 – 2009S5, E1 – 23
2009 – 2010S6, E 1 – 16
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit2010S12, E5
Tax Man2010N/A
Marcy2011S1, E5
The Playboy Club2011S1, E1 – 6
Raising Hope2012S2, E19 & 22
Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 232012S1, E7
The Newsroom2012S1, E6, 8 & 9
Partners2012S1, E1 – 7
2013S1, E8 – 13
Lady Time2013S1, E4
Men at Work2014S3, E3 – 10
The League2013S5, E4
2014S6, E4
Newsreaders2014S2, E2
Key and Peele2014S4, E11
Gigi’s Bucket List2014N/A
What’s Your Emergency2015S1, E4 & 6
Forever2015S1, E19
HitRECord on TV2015S2, E5
Master of None2015S1, E1
Gigi Does It2015S1, E1 – 8
Mom2015S2, E17, 21, & 22
2015 – 2016S3, E4 & 7
The Good Wife2014 – 2015S6, E12 – 18
2016S7, E11
The Interestings2016N/A
Difficult People2017S3, E8
Star vs. the Forces of Evil2018S3, E17
Billions2018S3, E10
The Plot Against America2018N/A
Living Biblically2018S1, E1 – 13
At Home with Amy Sedaris2019S2, E10
The Deuce2017S1, E3 – 8
2018S2, E1 – 9
2019S3, E1 – 8
Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens2020S1, E9
The Plot Against American2020S1, E1 – 6
The Twilight Zone2020S2, E8
Evel2020S1, E1
WWE Raw2021S29, E14
Super Pumped2022S1, E4 & 5
Angelyne2022S1, E4
The Santa Clauses2022S1, E5
White House Plumbers2023S1, E4 & 5

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