“Escape Plan” Movies in Order (2013 – 2019)

If you’re in for some prison-break-like type of action movie, then say no more as today, we’ll be showing you how to watch the “Escape Plan” movies in order, starring the legendary Sylvester Stallon, and spanning over 6 years from the date of release of the first title to the date of release of the last title.

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"Escape Plan" movies in order

“Escape Plan” movies in order

Escape Plan20131h 55m
Escape Plan 2: Hades20181h 36m
Escape Plan: The Extractors20191h 37m


Escape Plan

Ray Breslin is an expert in structural security, and his job involves testing the vulnerabilities of various prisons by breaking out of them. Breslin, along with his team, is hired to assess the security of a secret and high-tech prison called “The Tomb.” However, during this assignment, Breslin is double-crossed and ends up incarcerated in The Tomb with no knowledge of its location.

Inside The Tomb, Breslin befriends fellow inmate Emil Rottmayer. Together, they navigate the prison’s complex layout, facing various challenges and encountering other inmates. Breslin discovers that The Tomb is not an ordinary prison but a facility designed to hold individuals who are deemed a threat to national security.

As Breslin and Rottmayer collaborate on an intricate escape plan, they uncover a conspiracy involving corrupt government officials and a powerful businessman. The two must use their unique skills and work with other prisoners to break out of The Tomb and expose the truth behind the elaborate setup.

Escape Plan 2: Hades

"Escape Plan" movies in order

Ray Breslin now runs a security firm that tests the integrity of prisons, but when one of his team members, Shu Ren, goes missing inside a state-of-the-art prison known as Hades, Breslin assembles a new team to rescue him.

Inside Hades, a mysterious and high-tech prison, prisoners are held in suspended animation, and their minds are trapped in a digital environment. Breslin’s and his new team must navigate the prison’s intricate layout and confront the challenges presented by its advanced security systems.

As they delve deeper into the mysteries of Hades, Breslin and his team discover a nefarious plot involving the use of prisoners for profit. The prison’s enigmatic warden, known as The Zookeeper, is revealed to be orchestrating illegal operations using the prisoners’ skills and knowledge.

Escape Plan: The Extractors

When the daughter of a wealthy Hong Kong tech mogul, Daya Zhang, is kidnapped and held hostage in a Latvian prison called the Devil’s Station, Ray Breslin and his team which includes his longtime associate, Trent DeRosa, and former associate turned adversary, Shen Lo, plan to infiltrate the heavily fortitied prison to rescue Daya, but little did they know that the kidnapping is part of a larger conspiracy involving a powerful crime syndicate.

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