“Friday” Movies in Order (1995 – 2002)

From 1995 to 2002, this post is a guide on how to watch the “Friday” movies in order, as well as know how many “Friday” movies are there.

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"Friday" movies in order

How many “Friday” movies are there?

As of when writing this post, there are a total of three “Friday” movies available today, spanning over 7 years, with the first movie released in 1995, and the last one in 2002, and it’s not looking like there will be any new “Friday” movie coming out any longer.

“Friday” movies in order

As promised, here’s how to watch the “Friday” movies in the correct order.

Friday19951h 31m
Next Friday20001h 38m
Friday After Next20021h 25m

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Friday (1995)

In the first installment of the film, the story revolves around Craig Jones and Smokey, two close friends who live in a predominantly African-American neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles. The film takes place on a Friday, which is their day off from work and school.

The plot kicks off when Smokey, who is a small-time drug dealer, has to deliver a package of marijuana for his supplier, Big Worm. However, Smokey and Craig end up smoking the weed themselves instead of selling it. This sets off a chain of events, as they must now come up with a way to repay Big Worm before he takes revenge.

Throughout the day, we follow Craig and Smokey as they interact with their quirky neighbors, including their grumpy and eccentric neighbor, Ms. Parker, and the lovable neighborhood bully, Deebo. The friends also spend time hanging out on their front porch, trading jokes and stories with their friends and acquaintances.

As the day progresses, Craig and Smokey must come up with a plan to resolve their problem with Big Worm, deal with Deebo’s menacing presence, and navigate the ups and downs of life in their neighborhood. The movie culminates in a showdown with Deebo and a resolution to their conflict with Big Worm.

Next Friday (2000)

"Friday" movies in order

The story in “Next Friday” picks up where the first film left off. Craig Jones, who was the main character in the original “Friday” movie, is now living with his parents in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Following the events of the first film, Craig and his family have moved to a safer neighborhood to escape the troubles and dangers of the inner city.

However, their suburban paradise is soon disrupted when a vengeful local drug lord, Debo, escapes from prison and comes looking for revenge against Craig. Debo believes Craig is responsible for his incarceration, as he was the one who fought and defeated Debo in the first film. Debo’s menacing presence poses a new threat to Craig and his family, forcing them to come up with a plan to protect themselves.

To escape Debo’s wrath, Craig is sent to stay with his eccentric Uncle Elroy and his even more eccentric cousin Day-Day in their big, run-down house in Rancho Cucamonga. This change in setting and characters brings a fresh dynamic to the story.

Craig and Day-Day must navigate a new neighborhood filled with colorful characters, including their next-door neighbor, Mrs. Pearly, and a group of troublemakers who run the local drug trade. The film is filled with comedic situations and interactions as Craig and Day-Day try to adapt to their new surroundings while dealing with Debo’s impending threat.

Friday After Next (2002)

The story in “Friday After Next” takes place during the Christmas season. Craig Jones, and his cousin Day-Day Jones, have now moved to a new neighborhood, where they live in an apartment complex owned by their cantankerous landlord, Mr. Moly. The film opens with the pair working as security guards in a local shopping center.

On Christmas Eve, their apartment is broken into by a thief dressed as Santa Claus, who steals all their presents and the rent money. This leaves them facing eviction from Mr. Moly. In an effort to recover their stolen goods and save their apartment, Craig and Day-Day set out on a mission to find the thief and get their money back.

Their journey takes them through various humorous and absurd situations as they interact with a variety of eccentric and colorful characters. They encounter the tough, churchgoing, neighborhood watch leader, Miss Pearly, and her son, Damon, who develops an inexplicable obsession with Day-Day.

As they follow leads to find the thief, they cross paths with a reformed, but eccentric, ex-convict named Money Mike, who becomes an unlikely ally. Throughout the movie, the characters find themselves in funny and often outrageous predicaments.

“Friday After Next” retains the series’ signature humor and wit, emphasizing the importance of family, friendship, and community support during the holiday season. The film explores the challenges of navigating life in a new neighborhood and dealing with bizarre and entertaining neighbors. The Christmas setting adds a unique flavor to the story and allows for holiday-themed humor and antics.

And there you have it, folks, the guide on how to watch the “Friday” movies in order, and how many “Friday” movies are there.

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