How Many “Jeepers Creepers” Movies Are There?

From 2001 to 2022, this is a guide on how to watch the “Jeepers Creepers” movies in order, and how many “Jeepers Creepers” movies are there.

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How many "Jeepers Creepers" movies are there?

How many “Jeepers Creepers” movies are there?

There are currently four “Jeepers Creepers” movies available today, spanning over 21 years with the first title released in 2001, and the last one released in 2022.

“Jeepers Creepers” Movies in order

Here are the “Jeepers Creepers” movies in the correct order.

Jeepers Creepers20011h 30m
Jeepers Creepers 220031h 44m
Jeepers Creepers III20171h 40m
Jeepers Creepers: Reborn20221h 28m

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Jeepers Creepers

In the first installment of the film, Trish and Darry Jenner are two siblings driving home from a college baseball tournament when they witness a strange black truck driving erratically. The truck pulls over to the side of the road, and the driver gets out. He is a tall, thin, and pale man with sunken eyes and a disturbing smile.

Trish and Darry are uneasy, but they continue driving. A few minutes later, they see the black truck again. This time, the driver is chasing them. Trish and Darry speed up, but the truck is faster. They eventually swerve off the road to avoid a collision.

The siblings find themselves in an abandoned church. They hear the black truck pull up outside. They hide in the church basement, but the driver finds them. He is a monstrous creature with wings and sharp teeth. He attacks Trish and Darry, but they manage to escape.

Trish and Darry run to the nearby town of Sheridan Falls. They meet up with Jezelle, a local girl who tells them that the creature is called the Creeper. The Creeper is an ancient demon that awakens every 23 years to feed on human flesh.

Trish and Darry realize that they must find a way to stop the Creeper before it kills them and their friends. They team up with Jezelle and her father, Jack Taggart, to track down the Creeper.

Jeepers Creepers 2

How many "Jeepers Creepers" movies are there?

With a similar plot to the first film in the franchise, the film opens with a flashback to 1945, where a group of soldiers are digging up a mysterious object in a field. The object is revealed to be a cocoon containing the Creeper. The soldiers accidentally wake up the Creeper, and it kills them all.

In the present day, a group of teenagers are on a school bus to a basketball game when they see the Creeper driving a rusty old van. The Creeper attacks the bus, and the teenagers are forced to fight for their lives.

The Creeper kills several of the teenagers, including the basketball team’s coach. The remaining teenagers manage to escape from the bus, but they are still stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The teenagers seek shelter in an abandoned farm, where they meet Minxie Hayes, a psychic who warns them that the Creeper is a malevolent spirit that hunts humans every 23 years for 23 days to feed on their organs.

Minxie tells the teenagers that they must kill the Creeper before it kills them. She gives them a variety of weapons, including guns, knives, and axes.

The Creeper eventually finds the teenagers on the farm. The teenagers fight back, but the Creeper is too powerful. It kills several more teenagers, including Minxie.

The only surviving teenagers are Jack Taggart and his son, Billy. Jack and Billy manage to escape from the farm, but they are still being chased by the Creeper.

Jack and Billy eventually find a way to kill the Creeper by using a harpoon to pin it to the ground. They then set the Creeper on fire.

Jeepers Creepers III

In the third film, Trish Jenner, a survivor of the Creeper’s rampage in the first film, is now a mother determined to protect her son from the same fate. She teams up with a group of creeper hunters to track down and kill the creature once and for all.

The Creeper, however, is a relentless and powerful foe. It continues to hunt people, and it eventually sets its sights on Trish and her son. Trish must use all of her skills and courage to protect her son and defeat the Creeper.

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn

How many "Jeepers Creepers" movies are there?

In the last installment, the film opens with a group of teenagers, including Laine Morris, Chase Miller, and Kenny Brannagan, attending a haunted house event set up in an abandoned factory, and rumored to be haunted by the Creeper. Laine is a psychic who has been having visions of the Creeper.

Laine and Chase soon realize that the haunted house is more than just a scary attraction. The Creeper is real, and it is hunting them.

At the event, Laine and her friends see a mysterious truck that they believe belongs to the Creeper. They follow the truck to a nearby farm, where they are attacked by the Creeper.

Laine and her friends manage to escape from the Creeper, but they soon realize that they are not safe. The Creeper is determined to kill them all.

Laine and her friends must use all of their skills and courage to survive the Creeper’s onslaught. They also need to find a way to defeat the Creeper once and for all.

And there you have it, folks, the “Jeepers Creepers” movies in order, and how many “Jeepers Creepers” movies are there.

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