“Hulk” Movies in Order (2003 – 2019)

From the early 2000s to the late 2010s, we’ll show you how to watch the “Hulk” movies in order and how many “Hulk” movies are there.

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"Hulk" movies in order

How many “Hulk” movies are there?

If speaking of the official movies titled “Hulk”, there are just two movies, “Hulk” 2003, and “The Incredible Hulk” released in 2008. But again, the character, Hulk, has appeared and played major roles in other ensemble superhero movies in the Marvel Comics Universe, such as the “Avengers” film series, and today, we’re going to see how to watch these films in the right order.


“Hulk” movies in order

Here’s the correct order for watching the “Hulk” movies.

Hulk20032h 18m
The Incredible Hulk20081h 52m
The Avengers20122h 23m
Avengers: Age of Ultron20152h 21m
Thor: Ragnarok20172h 10m
Avengers: Infinity War20182h 29m
Avengers: Endgame20193h 01m


The first film in the “Hulk” movie franchise introduces us to Dr. Bruce Banner, and how he became the Hulk.

The film begins with Dr. Bruce Banner, a geneticist, working on a project involving human regeneration. During an experiment, he is exposed to a gamma radiation accident that triggers a latent condition in his DNA. Unbeknownst to him, this condition leads to a radical transformation whenever he experiences intense anger or stress.

As Bruce grapples with the consequences of the experiment, he discovers that his father, David Banner, had experimented on himself during Bruce’s infancy, passing on a mutated genetic code. This revelation becomes the key to understanding Bruce’s newfound abilities.

Bruce’s transformation into the Hulk becomes a central theme as he tries to control the anger within him. The U.S. military becomes interested in exploiting the Hulk’s power for military purposes. Meanwhile, Bruce’s love interest, Betty Ross, becomes entangled in the unfolding events.

The film explores Bruce’s internal struggles and the psychological impact of the Hulk on his identity.

The Incredible Hulk

"Hulk" movies in order

Serving as a reboot of the first and original movie, the story begins with Dr. Bruce Banner on the run, hiding from the U.S. government and seeking a cure for his condition. Due to a gamma radiation accident, Banner transforms into the Hulk when provoked or stressed. His pursuit of a cure takes him to Brazil, where he works low-profile jobs and practices martial arts to control his anger.

General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross is determined to capture Banner and weaponize the Hulk’s power. Ross dispatches the skilled soldier Emil Blonsky to apprehend Banner. Blonsky’s encounter with the Hulk during a failed operation sparks his desire for enhanced abilities.

Banner collaborates with scientist Betty Ross, General Ross’s daughter and his former lover, to find a cure. As they conduct experiments, they discover that a gamma-irradiated flower holds potential. Meanwhile, Blonsky undergoes experimental treatments that amplify his strength but also transform him into a monstrous creature.

The narrative escalates into a series of intense confrontations, culminating in a showdown between the Hulk and Blonsky, now the monstrous Abomination. The battle devastates Harlem, with Hulk ultimately prevailing and fleeing the scene.

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