“Jesse Stone” Movies in Order (2005 – 2015)

Suppose you’re craving some crime drama movies this weekend. In that case, the Jesse Stone film series might just be the perfect fit, as it follows the adventures of Police Chief, Jesse Stone, as he tries to uncover various crime cases ranging from m*rder to kidn*pping, r*pe, etc. So, if you’re game, then here’s how to watch the entire “Jesse Stone” movies in order.

"Jesse Stone" movies in order

Jesse Stone Movies in Order

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold20051h 27m
Jesse Stone: Night Passage20061h 29m
Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise20061h 27m
Jesse Stone: Sea Change20071h 28m
Jesse Stone: Thin Ice20091h 28m
Jesse Stone: No Remorse20101h 27m
Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost20111h 31m
Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt20121h 30m
Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise20151h 26m

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

Kicking off with the first movie, the story begins with Jesse Stone arriving in Paradise after being fired from the LAPD due to his alcoholism. Despite his personal struggles, Stone takes on the responsibility of cleaning up the town’s police department and solving a series of m*rders. The victims are all women, and the crimes share a common modus operandi, suggesting a serial killer is at large.

As Stone delves into the investigation, he faces resistance from some members of the town and his own inner demons. He also befriends a stray dog he names Reggie and develops a complicated relationship with the town’s medical examiner, Dr. Dix. Throughout the film, Stone’s sharp investigative skills, unorthodox methods, and commitment to justice become evident.

Jesse Stone: Night Passage

"Jesse Stone" movies in order

In the second film, we meet Detective Jesse Stone once again, who is dealing with the aftermath of a failed marriage and trying to find a balance in his role as the town’s top law enforcement official in the small coastal town of Paradise, Massachusetts.

This time, the story revolves around his investigation of a series of bank robberies in the town. As he delves deeper into the case, he uncovers a complex web of corruption and deceit that reaches into unexpected corners of the community. The presence of a mysterious woman named Sydney Greenstreet adds an additional layer of intrigue to the unfolding events.

While grappling with the criminal investigation, he also continues to struggle with his own demons, which has to do with his reliance on alcohol and the complexities of building new relationships.

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise

The third film in the “Jesse Stone” franchise is titled, “Death in Paradise”, and in the film, Stone finds himself facing multiple challenges as he investigates a series of seemingly unrelated crimes in Paradise, Massachusetts. The primary case involves a young woman named Emily Bishop, whose body is found floating in the lake. Stone begins unraveling the mystery surrounding her death, discovering connections to a local crime family and unearthing long-buried secrets.

Jesse Stone: Sea Change

"Jesse Stone" movies in order

In the fourth movie, “Sea Change”, Stone’s life takes a significant turn when he decides to resign as the police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts. Wrestling with his addiction to alcoholism and a recent divorce, he decides to leave his position. Seeking a fresh start, he relocates to the small coastal town of Paradise, where he takes on the role of a private investigator.

Shortly after arriving in his new town, Stone becomes entangled in a complex case involving a domestic violence dispute that escalates to m*rder. As he investigates the crime, Stone uncovers a web of deception, corruption, and family secrets that threaten to tear the town apart.

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice

In “Thin Ice,” Jesse Stone faces a new set of challenges in his role as the police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts, with the story revolving around the mysterious death of a teenage girl, found floating in a lake. Stone’s investigation leads him to uncover a series of troubling secrets within the seemingly idyllic town.

As he delves into the case, he discovers a connection to the world of ice skating, with the victim being a talented skater. The investigation brings to light the competitive and cutthroat nature of the sport, revealing hidden tensions and rivalries that may have played a role in the girl’s death.

Jesse Stone: No Remorse

"Jesse Stone" movies in order

In the sixth movie, Police Chief Jesse Stone has been suspended from his job due to his unorthodox methods and struggles with alcohol. Isolated and alone, he’s forbidden from contacting his former colleagues.

However, his old friend, Captain Healy, from the state police, comes to him for help. Boston is being plagued by a series of unsolved m*rders, and Healy needs Jesse’s keen mind and experience to crack the case.

Torn between his suspension and his sense of duty, Jesse agrees to help Healy on the sly. Meanwhile, back in Paradise, his team is struggling to deal with a convenience store robbery and shooting.

As he delves deeper into the Boston m*rders, he uncovers a web of deceit and corruption that leads him to the doorstep of a powerful mob boss.

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost

When faced with the sudden death of Cindy Van Aldan, a young woman he considered almost a daughter, and having doubts about the official suicide ruling, Stone embarks on his own investigation, haunted by a sense of responsibility and simmering grief.

At the same time, Stone is officially tasked with solving the m*rder of a local businessman, making his professional obligations clash with his personal quest for answers.

Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt

"Jesse Stone" movies in order

After the brutal bombing of his successor’s police car leaves the town in shock, Jesse is forced to come of out the involuntary retirement that was imposed on him due to his unorthodox method of solving cases.

The investigation throws him into a web of intrigue and suspicion, navigating a sea of conflicting testimonies and hidden agendas. The deceased chief, not exactly beloved by his colleagues, harbors hidden secrets that cast doubt on his character and motive.

Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise

Bored with the lack of crime in Paradise, Jesse reluctantly accepts a consulting role with the Massachusetts State Police on a series of unsolved Boston m*rders. These brutal, ritualistic killings pique his interest, offering a stark contrast to the quiet monotony of his routine.

Meanwhile, back in Paradise, a case closer to home unfolds. A troubled teenager, struggling with family problems and bad choices, disappears, leaving Jesse grappling with concerns for her safety and a nagging sense of responsibility.

And there you have it, folks, the “Jesse Stone” movies in order.

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