Actor, John Travolta Movies in Order

John Travolta is both an actor and producer, having appeared in over 60 movies and is popularly known for playing the role of Vincent Vega in “Pulp Fiction”. So, if you’re a fan of this brilliant actor, and want to see all of his theatrical works so far, here are all the actor, John Travolta movies in order.


John Travolta movies in order

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John Travolta Movies in Order


The Devil’s Rain19751h 26m5.1 (5K)
Carrie19761h 38m7.4 (204K)
Saturday Night Fever19771h 58m6.8 (86K)
Grease19781h 50m7.2 (296K)
Moment by Moment19781h 42m3.1 (1.3K)
Urban Cowboy19802h 12m6.4 (16K)
Blow Out19811h 48m7.4 (61K)
Staying Alive19831h 33m4.7 (17K)
Two of a Kind19831h 28m4.7 (4.6K)
Perfect19851h 55m4.7 (5.9K)
The Experts19891h 34m4.9 (2.7K)
Look Who’s Talking19891h 33m5.9 (86K)
Chains of Gold19901h 35m5.1 (1K)
Look Who’s Talking Too19901h 21m4.7 (48K)
Eyes of an Angel19911h 35m5.2 (1.3K)
Shout19911h 29m5.2 (2.1K)
Look Who’s Talking Now19931h 36m4.4 (31K)
Pulp Fiction19942h 34m8.9 (2.2M)
White Man’s Burden19951h 29m5.3 (5.1K)
Get Shorty19951h 45m6.9 (88K)
Broken Arrow19961h 48m6.1 (104K)
Phenomenon19962h 03m6.4 (83K)
Michael19961h 45m5.7 (45K)
She’s So Lovely19971h 40m5.9 (8.7K)
Face/Off19972h 18m7.3 (396K)
Mad City19971h 55m6.3 (21K)
Primary Colors19982h 23m6.7 (30K)
Welcome to Hollywood19981h 29m5.0 (2.2K)
The Thin Red Line19982h 50m7.6 (197K)
A Civil Action19981h 55m6.6 (31K)
The General’s Daughter19991h 56m6.4 (63K)
Battlefield Earth20001h 57m2.5 (83K)
Lucky Numbers20001h 45m5.1 (11K)
Swordfish20011h 39m6.5 (195K)
Domestic Disturbance20011h 29m5.6 (29K)
Austin Powers in Goldmember20021h 34m6.2 (221K)
Basic20031h 38m6.4 (66K)
The Punisher20042h 04m6.4 (169K)
A Love Song for Bobby Long20041h 59m7.1 (27K)
Ladder 4920041h 55m6.5 (59K)
Be Cool20051h 58m5.6 (72K)
Lonely Hearts20061h 48m6.4 (22K)
Wild Hogs20071h 40m5.8 (123K)
Hairspray20071h 57m6.7 (137K)
Bolt20081h 36m6.8 (226K)
The Taking of Pelham 12320091h 46m6.4 (206K)
Old Dogs20091h 28m5.3 (39K)
From Paris with Love20101h 32m6.4 (121K)
Savages20122h 11m6.4 (134K)
Killing Season20131h 31m5.4 (39K)
The Forger20141h 32m5.8 (13K)
Life on the Line20151h 37m5.2 (6.1K)
Criminal Activities20151h 34m5.8 (9.3K)
In a Valley of Violence20161h 44m6.1 (21K)
I Am Wrath20161h 32m5.4 (16K)
Gotti20181h 52m4.8 (17K)
Speed Kills20181h 42m4.3 (3.9K)
Trading Paint20191h 27m4.5 (2.6K)
The Poison Rose20191h 38m4.8 (11K)
The Fanatic20191h 28m4.1 (12K)
Paradise City20221h 32m3.7 (4K)
Die Hart20231h 24m5.1 (3.1K)
Mob Land20231h 51m5.3 (2.1K)

TV Shows

Emergency1972S2, E2
Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law1972S2, E13
The Rookies1973S2, E4
Medical Center1974S6, E14
The Tenth Level1976N/A
Mr. T and Tina1976S1, E1
The Boy in the Plastic Bubble1976N/A
Welcome Back, Kotter1975 – 1976S1, E1 – 22
1976 – 1977S2, E1 – 23
1977 – 1978S3, E1 – 27
1978 – 1979S4, E1 – 15
Boris and Natasha1992N/A
The Drew Carey Show2001S6, E21
Fat Actress2005S1, E1
Kirstie2014S1, E6
American Crime Story2016S1, E1 – 10
Die Hart2020S1, E1 – 10

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