All Kevin Costner Movies in Order (1981 – 2023)

Kevin Costner is one versatile actor, having starred in action, romance, drama, and even comedy movies. So, if you’re a fan of the California-born American actor, and have decided that all you want to do this period is sit down and watch his movies from the earliest to the latest, then this post is a rundown of all Kevin Costner movies, from the first to the last.

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Kevin Costner movies in order

Kevin Costner Movies in Order

The table below contains all of Kevin Costner’s movies in order of their release.

Malibu Hot Summer19811h 30m2.7 (851)
Night Shift19821h 46m6.5 (17K)
Frances19822h 20m7.2 (8.4K)
Stacy’s Knights19831h 40m4.6 (490)
Table for Five19832h 02m6.1 (836)
The Big Chill19831h 45m7.1 (41K)
Testament19831h 30m6.9 (7K)
Shadows Run Black19841h 28m3.1 (515)
Fandango19851h 31m6.7 (8.6K)
Silverado19852h 13m7.2 (48K)
American Flyers19851h 53m6.5 (6.5K)
Amazing Stories1985 – 1987TV Series7.4 (6.3K)
Amazing Stories19861h 51m7.1 (945)
The Untouchables19871h 59m7.8 (326K)
No Way Out19871h 54m7.1 (45K)
Bull Durham19881h 48m7.1 (58K)
Field of Dreams19891h 47m7.5 (126K)
Chasing Dreams19891h 34m3.2 (287)
The Gunrunner19891h 32m3.9 (716)
Revenge19902h 04m6.2 (20K)
Dances with Wolves19903h 01m8.0 (285K)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves19912h 23m6.9 (205K)
JFK19913h 09m8.0 (167K)
The Bodyguard19922h 09m6.3 (145K)
A Perfect World19932h 18m7.5 (86K)
Wyatt Earp19943h 11m6.7 (54K)
The War19942h 06m6.7 (13K)
Waterworld19952h 15m6.3 (207K)
Tin Cup19962h 15m6.4 (53K)
The Postman19972h 57m6.1 (77K)
Message in a Bottle19992h 06m6.2 (40K)
For Love of the Game19992h 17m6.6 (37K)
Play It to the Bone19992h 04m5.5 (12K)
Thirteen Days20002h 25m7.3 (62K)
3000 Miles to Graceland20012h 05m6.0 (48K)
Dragonfly20021h 44m6.1 (40K)
Open Range20032h 19m7.4 (77K)
The Upside of Anger20051h 58m6.8 (23K)
Rumor Has It…20051h 37m5.5 (61K)
The Guardian20062h 19m6.9 (97K)
Mr. Brooks20072h 00m7.3 (155K)
Swing Vote20082h 00m6.1 (19K)
The New Daughter20091h 48m5.3 (16K)
The Company Men20101h 44m6.7 (48K)
Hatfields & McCoys20124h 50m7.9 (29K)
Man of Steel20132h 23m7.1 (802K)
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit20141h 45m6.2 (137K)
3 Days to Kill20141h 57m6.2 (97K)
Draft Day20141h 50m6.8 (65K)
Black or White20142h 01m6.6 (14K)
McFarland, USA20152h 09m7.4 (41K)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice20162h 31m6.5 (744K)
Criminal20161h 53m6.3 (69K)
Hidden Figures20162h 07m7.8 (249K)
Molly’s Game20172h 20m7.4 (184K)
The Highwaymen20192h 12m6.9 (100K)
The Art of Racing in the Rain20191h 49m7.5 (37K)
Let Him Go20201h 53m6.7 (34K)
Zack Snyder’s Justice League20214h 02m7.9 (429K)
Yellowstone2018 – PresentTV Series8.7 (199K)

And there you have it, folks, all of Kevin Costner’s movies in order, from the first to the last. Give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you find it helpful, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out!!!

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