50 Christian Movies Like “I Can Only Imagine” to Watch Today

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Movies Like "I Can Only Imagine"

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50 Christian Movies Like “I Can Only Imagine”

From “Soul Surfer” to “Fireproof”, “War Room”, “The Shack”, etc., here are 50 best movies like “I Can Only Imagine”.

Soul Surfer20111h 52m7.0 (51K)
God’s Not Dead20141h 53m4.6 (44K)
The Shack20172h 12m6.3 (38K)
Heaven Is for Real20141h 39m5.8 (28K)
Miracles from Heaven20161h 49m7.1 (27K)
Fireproof20082h 02m6.4 (24K)
Courageous20112h 09m6.8 (21K)
Facing the Giants20061h 51m6.5 (17K)
War Room20152h 00m6.4 (15K)
Unplanned20191h 49m5.5 (14K)
I Still Believe20201h 56m6.5 (13K)
The Preacher’s Wife19962h 03m5.7 (13K)
God’s Not Dead 220162h 00m4.3 (13K)
Jesus Revolution20232h 00m7.1 (12K)
Redeeming Love20222h 14m6.7 (10K)
Breakthrough20191h 56m6.2 (10K)
The Case for Christ20171h 52m6.2 (9.5K)
Same Kind of Different as Me20171h 59m6.6 (8.5K)
Do You Believe?20152h 00m6.0 (7.9K)
Woodlawn20152h 03m6.4 (7.5K)
The Rapture19911h 40m6.3 (5.6K)
Overcomer20191h 59m6.6 (5.2K)
Letters to God20101h 50m6.2 (5.2K)
Flywheel20032h 00m6.6 (4.5K)
On a Wing and a Prayer20231h 42m5.5 (4.5K)
An Interview with God20181h 37m5.8 (4.4K)
God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness20181h 45m4.4 (4.2K)
I’m Not Ashamed20161h 52m5.9 (4.1K)
Faith Like Potatoes20061h 56m6.7 (3.5K)
The Encounter20101h 25m6.6 (3.5K)
The Grace Card20101h 41m6.2 (3.2K)
Let There Be Light20171h 40m4.5 (3.1K)
Time Changer20021h 35m5.2 (2.8K)
The Cokeville Miracle20151h 34m5.4 (2.6K)
I’m in Love with a Church Girl20131h 58m4.2 (2K)
A Matter of Faith20141h 29m3.7 (1.6K)
God’s Not Dead: We the People20211h 32m4.2 (1.5K)
Indivisible20181h 59m5.8 (1.3K)
Lifemark20221h 45m5.9 (994)
What Would Jesus Do?20101h 34m4.8 (856)
Like Arrows20181h 40m6.5 (575)
Break Every Chain20211h 43m5.4 (518)
Show Me the Father20211h 31m6.7 (510)
Faith Under Fire20201h 28m3.2 (410)
Nothing is Impossible20221h 46m5.2 (333)
Me & You, Us, Forever20081h 32m4.1 (243)
Play the Flute20191h 43m6.8 (224)
The War Within20141h 32m4.7 (175)
No Vacancy20221h 50m7.4 (111)
Heaven Sent2023N/A8.1 (65)


Soul Surfer

“Soul Surfer,” released in 2011 and directed by Sean McNamara, is a remarkable and inspiring true story that beautifully captures the essence of resilience, determination, and the human spirit. The film is based on the life of Bethany Hamilton, a young and talented surfer from Hawaii.

Bethany’s life takes an unexpected and life-altering turn when she becomes the victim of a shark attack, losing her left arm. This devastating event challenges her physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as she grapples with the loss of her identity as a surfer and questions her purpose in life.

Despite the overwhelming obstacles she faces, Bethany’s indomitable spirit shines through. With the unwavering support of her family, particularly her parents, and her determination to defy the odds, Bethany embarks on a remarkable journey of healing and self-discovery.

“Soul Surfer” is a tale of courage, faith, and the power of the human will to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. It showcases Bethany’s incredible comeback as she learns to adapt to her new circumstances and returns to competitive surfing. Her resilience and dedication serve as an inspiration not only to fellow surfers but to people from all walks of life.

God’s Not Dead

Movies Like "I Can Only Imagine"

“God’s Not Dead,” directed by Harold Cronk and released in 2014, is a thought-provoking and spiritually charged drama that delves into the themes of faith, belief, and the clash of worldviews in a modern university setting. The film offers a glimpse into the lives of various characters whose paths intersect as they grapple with questions about the existence of God.

The central narrative follows Josh Wheaton, a devout Christian college student who enrolls in a philosophy class taught by Professor Radisson. Radisson is an outspoken atheist who challenges his students to declare that “God is dead” in order to pass his class. Josh refuses to do so, setting the stage for a philosophical and spiritual battle within the classroom.

As the tension between Josh and Professor Radisson escalates, the film also weaves in the stories of other characters, each facing their own personal struggles and crises of faith. These narratives provide a multi-dimensional exploration of belief and doubt, showcasing the impact of faith on individuals’ lives.

“God’s Not Dead” is marked by its sincere performances and the exploration of complex moral and theological questions. It encourages viewers to consider their own beliefs and confront the challenges posed by skepticism and secularism in today’s world.

The Shack

“The Shack,” directed by Stuart Hazeldine and released in 2017, is a deeply moving and spiritually poignant drama that grapples with themes of grief, forgiveness, and the search for meaning in the face of tragedy. Based on the bestselling novel by William P. Young, the film tells the story of Mack Phillips, a father haunted by a traumatic event.

The narrative unfolds as Mack’s world is shattered when his youngest daughter, Missy, is abducted and brutally murdered during a family camping trip. Consumed by grief and guilt, Mack spirals into a deep depression, questioning his faith and struggling to find a reason to go on living.

Amidst his turmoil, Mack receives an enigmatic invitation to a remote shack in the wilderness, where the tragedy occurred. There, he encounters a trio of mysterious individuals who represent the Holy Trinity in a unique and unconventional way. Papa, a loving portrayal of God the Father; Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

As Mack engages in profound conversations and experiences transformative moments with these divine figures, he embarks on a spiritual journey of healing and reconciliation. The shack becomes a metaphorical space where he confronts his pain, questions, and anger, ultimately seeking forgiveness and redemption.

“The Shack” is characterized by its emotionally charged performances and thought-provoking exploration of faith and suffering. Stuart Hazeldine’s direction captures the essence of the novel, translating it into a visually compelling and spiritually resonant cinematic experience.

“The Shack” is a journey of faith, love, and healing that encourages audiences to reflect on their own beliefs.

Heaven Is for Real

Movies Like "I Can Only Imagine"

“Heaven Is for Real,” directed by Randall Wallace and released in 2014, is a heartwarming and spiritually resonant drama based on the real-life experiences of the Burpo family. The film explores themes of faith, miracles, and the unshakable belief in life beyond this world.

The story revolves around Todd Burpo, a small-town pastor in Nebraska, and his wife Sonja. Their lives take an extraordinary turn when their young son, Colton, undergoes a life-threatening medical crisis, leading to emergency surgery.

After the surgery, Colton begins to share vivid and astonishing accounts of his near-death experience, claiming to have visited heaven and met Jesus Christ. His descriptions of heaven, its residents, and encounters with departed loved ones leave his family both astounded and deeply moved.

As word of Colton’s experience spreads throughout their community, Todd and Sonja grapple with their own doubts and fears while trying to reconcile Colton’s accounts with their faith. The film takes viewers on a journey of faith and doubt, exploring the impact of Colton’s experience on their lives and the lives of those around them.

Miracles from Heaven

“Miracles from Heaven,” directed by Patricia Riggen and released in 2016, is a heartwarming and emotionally charged drama based on the true story of the Beam family. The film explores themes of faith, hope, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of a life-altering crisis.

The narrative centers around Christy Beam, and her husband Kevin, as they navigate the challenges of raising their three daughters in a close-knit Texas community. Their lives take a devastating turn when their middle daughter, Anna, is diagnosed with a rare and incurable digestive disorder that causes her excruciating pain.

Despite their tireless efforts to find a cure and the toll it takes on their family, Anna’s condition worsens, leaving Christy to grapple with despair and question her faith. However, a near-fatal accident leads to a miraculous event that defies medical explanation and transforms Anna’s life.

“Miracles from Heaven” is marked by its sincere performances, particularly Jennifer Garner’s portrayal of Christy, which is both moving and authentic. Patricia Riggen’s direction captures the emotional depth of the Beam family’s journey and the impact of the miraculous events that unfold.

And there you have it, folks, the best Christian faith-based movies like “I Can Only Imagine” you should watch today.

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