40+ Comedy Movies Like “The Hangover”

If you enjoy watching grown-up comedy films, then you’ll love these 40+ hilarious comedy movies like “The Hangover”.

“The Hangover” is a film that tells the story of three friends who wake up one morning and find their friend who was supposed to have his wedding that same day, missing.

Together, they embark on a hilarious adventure across the city of Las Vegas to find the groom before the time of the wedding.

So, if you watched and loved this film, and looking for others like it, then here are our top 40+ best, handpicked comedy movies like “The Hangover”. #enjoy!!!

Movies like "The Hangover"

40+ Best Comedy Movies Like “The Hangover”

Ted20121h 46m6.9 (645K)
Superbad20071h 53m7.6 (620K)
21 Jump Street20121h 49m7.2 (589K)
Kick-Ass20101h 57m7.6 (586K)
We’re the Millers20131h 50m7.0 (479K)
The 40-Year-Old Virgin20051h 56m7.1 (460K)
This Is the End20131h 47m6.6 (430K)
Dumb and Dumber19941h 47m7.3 (405K)
22 Jump Street20141h 52m7.0 (399K)
Wedding Crashers20051h 59m7.0 (371K)
Pineapple Express20081h 51m6.9 (354K)
Step Brothers20081h 38m6.9 (314K)
The Other Guys20101h 47m6.6 (284K)
Grown Ups20101h 42m6.0 (269K)
Old School20031h 28m7.0 (241K)
Role Models20081h 39m6.8 (239K)
Ted 220151h 55m6.3 (227K)
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle20041h 28m7.0 (204K)
Road Trip20001h 33m6.5 (176K)
Dumb and Dumber To20141h 49m5.6 (144K)
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay20081h 54m6.5 (141K)
Let’s Be Cops20141h 44m6.4 (139K)
Bad Moms20161h 40m6.2 (133K)
Dirty Grandpa20161h 42m5.9 (131K)
Friday19951h 31m7.2 (122K)
Super Troopers20011h 40m7.0 (111K)
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates20161h 38m6.0 (94K)
The Night Before20151h 41m6.4 (82K)
21 & Over20131h 33m5.8 (77K)
A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas20111h 30m6.2 (72K)
Beerfest20061h 50m6.2 (71K)
Half Baked19981h 22m6.6 (67K)
How High20011h 33m6.2 (61K)
A Bad Moms Christmas20171h 44m5.6 (57K)
The Do-Over20161h 48m5.7 (50K)
Next Friday20001h 38m6.1 (43K)
Friday After Next20021h 25m5.8 (30K)
Super Troopers 220181h 39m6.0 (28K)
Bad Trip20211h 26m6.5 (27K)
Naked20171h 36m5.4 (21K)
Road Trip: Beer Pong20091h 35m4.8 (12K)
First Sunday20081h 36m4.6 (11K)


Dumb and Dumber

Similar to “The Hangover”, “Dumb and Dumber” is a comedy movie about two friends, Lloyd and Harry, who embark on a road trip to return a suitcase that was forgotten by a woman in Lloyd’s car who happens to be a Limousine driver. Little did they know that contained inside the suitcase was money meant for ransom, and they got even more than they bargained for.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Movies like "The Hangover"

When two friends, Harold and Kumar saw a commercial for a certain White Castle burger on the TV while smoking joints, they immediately developed an insatiable craving for the said burger, and set out that night looking for the closest White Castle restaurant, little did they know that the night has other hilarious plans for them.


When John Benneth, a young child made a wish that his teddy bear, Ted, comes to life, surprisingly, the wish came true, and they became best of friends.

But now an adult, and with Ted causing him more trouble than he bargained for, and his girlfriend not having it, he must choose between his relationship with his girlfriend, or his lifelong friendship with his closest buddy, Ted.


Movies like "The Hangover"

When three high school students, Seth, Evan, and Fogell, decide to have the wildest end-of-the-year party prior to leaving high school, things quickly get out of hand in a series of hilarious misadventures as they get more than they bargained for.

Evan is the unlucky-in-love romantic who has promised his dream girl, Becca, that he’ll score them booze for a wild house party. Seth is his cynical, wisecracking best friend, and Fogell is the pint-sized, rule-abiding sidekick.

Their mission? Obtain the holy grail of teenage parties: fake IDs from the infamous McLovin, a middle-aged dude who looks about 12. Hilarity ensues as they embark on a ridiculous odyssey of bad decisions, near-disasters, and awkward encounters with police, girls, and the dreaded Fogell’s mom.

21 Jump Street

When two mismatched partners and friends, Schmidt and Jenko are sent back to high school as undercover cops to uncover the identity of the supplier of a dangerous new drug, they must navigate and try to fit in with the daily lives of being in high school again, while also trying to hide their identity and get the job done without screwing things up like they always do.

And there you have it, folks, the 40+ best hilarious comedy movies like “The Hangover”. Give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you had a good laugh, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out!!!

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