20 Best Thriller Horror Movies Like “The Platform”

Movies Like “The Platform” – “The Platform” is one unique horror film that takes a different turn from the jump-scare popular horror movie genre that we know.

It has a slow buildup, and the plot indirectly tells us about the type of society we live in today, where those who are at the top (the rich & elites) don’t give two f*cks about those who are below them and are ready to do anything to make sure they remain there and no one else climbs to the top, those at the middle are doing everything possible to climb to the top, and there are those at the bottom who will do everything to survive, even if it means killing each other, and then there are those are the bottom-bottom who have lost hope completely and simply waiting for death to come take them whenever it wishes.

So, if you love the theme and concept of this film, and looking for more movies that slightly or fully touch on society and also have a slow buildup, then here are the top 20 more movies like “The Platform” you should watch today.

Movies Like "The Platform"

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Top 20 Best Movies Like “The Platform”

Because you asked nicely, here are 20 more movies like “The Platform” you should watch today.

Get Out20171h 44m7.8 (667K)
Split20161h 57m7.3 (533K)
Midsommar20192h 28m7.1 (376K)
The Menu20221h 47m7.2 (358K)
Us20191h 56m6.8 (329K)
Cube19971h 30m7.1 (243K)
Devil20101h 20m6.3 (155K)
Exam20091h 41m6.8 (123K)
The Invitation20151h 40m6.6 (117K)
Fractured20191h 39m6.4 (88K)
192220171h 42m6.2 (70K)
Circle20151h 27m6.0 (64K)
Mirage20182h 08m7.4 (62K)
Apostle20182h 10m6.3 (58K)
The Belko Experiment20161h 29m6.1 (56K)
Would You Rather20121h 33m5.7 (44K)
Oxygen20211h 40m6.5 (43K)
The Invitation20221h 45m5.3 (29K)
Cadaver20201h 26m5.2 (12K)

Get Out

“Get Out” is a 2017 horror-thriller film written and directed by Jordan Peele.

The film follows the story of Chris Washington, a young African-American man who is in a relationship with Rose Armitage, a white woman. They are preparing to visit Rose’s parents’ estate for the weekend.

As they arrive at the Armitage family estate, Chris notices that the Armitage family’s two black servants, Georgina and Walter, behave strangely, and he begins to feel increasingly uncomfortable. Despite Rose’s assurances that everything is fine, Chris’s unease continues to grow.

The following day, the Armitages host an annual gathering with their friends, who all happen to be white. Chris becomes the center of attention, and the guests make racially insensitive comments, creating a palpable sense of discomfort.

Things take a more sinister turn as Chris discovers that some of the guests are hypnotizing him, and he is unable to escape their control. He also uncovers a series of disturbing secrets about the Armitage family, including their involvement in a highly unethical and horrifying practice.

The film delves into themes of racism, cultural appropriation, and the exploitation of African Americans, while also weaving a suspenseful and nightmarish narrative as Chris fights to escape the horrifying situation, which makes it a very good movie like “The Platform” you can ever watch today.


Movies Like "The Platform"

“Split” is a 2016 psychological horror-thriller film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

The story follows Casey Cooke, a withdrawn and troubled teenager who, along with two of her friends, is abducted by Kevin Wendell Crumb, a man with dissociative identity disorder (DID). Kevin has 23 distinct personalities, including a few who are helpful and kind, but some are malevolent and dangerous.

The three girls wake up in a mysterious underground facility, where they are held captive. As they attempt to understand their situation, they are introduced to some of Kevin’s personalities, including Barry, Patricia, and Dennis. It becomes clear that these personalities serve a darker master, “The Beast,” which is believed to be a 24th personality, one with superhuman abilities and a desire to feed on impure souls.

Casey, who has a troubled past of her own, uses her understanding of trauma and abuse to navigate the complex world of Kevin’s mind. She realizes that her only chance for survival is to befriend some of Kevin’s more sympathetic personalities and to outsmart The Beast.

Meanwhile, Dr. Karen Fletcher, Kevin’s psychiatrist, begins to suspect that something is wrong and that some of Kevin’s personalities are up to no good. She struggles to understand the extent of Kevin’s disorder and the reality of The Beast.


“Midsommar” is a 2019 folk horror film written and directed by Ari Aster, and it’s known for its disturbing and visually striking portrayal of a rural Swedish midsummer festival.

The film centers around Dani Ardor, a grieving young woman dealing with the recent loss of her family due to a tragic murder-suicide. Dani’s boyfriend, Christian, is emotionally distant and feels burdened by her need for support.

Christian and his friends, including Josh, Mark, and Pelle, are planning a trip to rural Sweden to attend a midsummer festival in Pelle’s ancestral hometown. Reluctantly, Dani joins them.

The group arrives in Sweden and is welcomed by the Hårga, a small, isolated community that only opens up to outsiders during this rare midsummer celebration, which occurs once every 90 years. The visitors are initially charmed by the seemingly idyllic, picturesque village and its customs.

However, as the days progress, it becomes evident that the Hårga’s traditions are dark and ritualistic. The group slowly realizes they are in the midst of something disturbing and cult-like. The festival includes bizarre customs, such as dancing, feasting, and various ceremonies, which become increasingly unsettling.

As Dani and her friends are drawn deeper into the rituals and customs of the Hårga, they find themselves trapped in a nightmarish and hallucinatory experience that blurs the lines between reality and horror. Relationships within the group become strained, and they are subjected to increasingly bizarre and horrifying events.

The film explores themes of grief, relationships, and the contrast between urban and rural life.

The Menu

Movies Like "The Platform"

he Menu is a 2022 American satirical black comedy film directed by Mark Mylod and written by Seth Reiss and Will Tracy. The film stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult as a young couple who visit an exclusive restaurant on a remote island, only to find that the lavish tasting menu prepared by the renowned chef is hiding a shocking secret.

Tyler is a pretentious foodie who has been dreaming of dining at Hawthorne, the island restaurant of the enigmatic Chef Slowik, for years. He convinces his girlfriend, Margot, to join him for the extravagant meal, which costs $1,250 per person.

The couple and the other guests, who are all wealthy and privileged individuals, are greeted by the attentive staff and ushered into the lavish dining room. The first course is a series of small plates, each more elaborate and pretentious than the last. The guests are initially impressed, but as the meal progresses, they begin to realize that something is off.

Chef Slowik’s dishes are not just culinary masterpieces; they are also subversive and satirical. He uses his food to comment on the inequality, greed, and hypocrisy of the wealthy elite. The guests are forced to confront their own flaws and insecurities as they consume the increasingly bizarre and disturbing dishes.

The Menu is a darkly funny and thought-provoking film that skewers the pretentiousness and hypocrisy of the world of haute cuisine. It touches on class inequality, greed, and pretentiousness, making it one of the best movies like “The Platform”.


“Us” follows the story of the Wilson family, consisting of Adelaide, her husband Gabe, and their two children, Zora and Jason. They are on vacation at their beach house near Santa Cruz, California.

Adelaide has a traumatic childhood memory of an unsettling experience at a Santa Cruz amusement park, and she’s apprehensive about returning to the area. However, Gabe is excited to spend time with their friends, the Tylers, who are also vacationing nearby.

One night, the Wilsons’ peaceful vacation takes a terrifying turn when a family of doppelgängers dressed in red jumpsuits and wielding sharp scissors appears outside their home. These doppelgängers are eerie and sinister versions of the Wilson family, and they are referred to as “The Tethered.”

The Wilsons must fight for their survival as they are hunted and tormented by their doppelgängers, who are revealed to be part of a larger, nationwide phenomenon. The Tethered seek to replace their above-ground counterparts and are determined to break free from their underground existence.

As the night unfolds, the Wilsons face horrifying revelations about the origins of The Tethered and the unsettling truth about the dark secrets of their world. Adelaide, in particular, has a deeper connection to The Tethered than she initially realizes.

Like “The Platform”, “Us” is celebrated for its social commentary on class, privilege, and the duality of human nature, making it one of the best movies like “The Platform” you can watch today.

And there you have it, folks, the top 20 best thriller horror movies like “The Platform” you should watch today. Give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you find it terrific, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out!!!

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