36 Best Epic War & Adventure Movies Like “Troy”

If all you’re after are epic adventure and war movies, then today, we’ll be showing you all of the best movies like “Troy” we could lay our hands on to quench your thirst for those swords-clashing, arrows-flying, and spear-piercing moments in films

Movies like "Troy"

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35+ Epic War & Adventure Movies Like “Troy”

From “300” to “Gladiator”, “The Last Kingdom”, etc., here are all of the best epic movies like “Troy”.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King20033h 21m9.0 (1.9M)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring20012h 58m8.8 (1.9M)
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers20022h 59m8.8 (1.7M)
Gladiator20002h 35m8.5 (1.5M)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey20122h 49m7.8 (841K)
30020061h 57m7.6 (834K)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug20132h 41m7.8 (676K)
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies20142h 24m7.4 (545K)
The Last Samurai20032h 34m7.8 (450K)
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe20052h 23m6.9 (408K)
300: Rise of an Empire20141h 42m6.2 (307K)
Kingdom of Heaven20052h 24m7.2 (296K)
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time20101h 56m6.6 (295K)
Clash of the Titans20101h 46m5.8 (286K)
John Carter20122h 12m6.6 (278K)
Warcraft20162h 03m6.7 (274K)
Robin Hood20102h 20m6.6 (274K)
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword20172h 6m6.7 (223K)
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian20082h 30m6.5 (216K)
Wrath of the Titans20121h 39m5.7 (192K)
Immortals20111h 50m6.0 (172K)
King Arthur20042h 6m6.3 (171K)
Hercules20141h 38m6.0 (160K)
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader20101h 53m6.3 (159K)
The King20192h 20m7.3 (144K)
The Great Wall20161h 43m5.9 (143K)
Jack the Giant Slayer20131h 54m6.2 (142K)
The Scorpion King20021h 32m5.5 (141K)
Gods of Egypt20162h 7m5.4 (120K)
The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior20081h 49m3.8 (14K)
The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption20121h 45m3.7 (8.8K)
Forbidden Empire20142h 10m5.2 (6.4K)
The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power20151h 45m4.1 (3.7K)
Vikingdom20131h 54m3.3 (3.5K)
The Huntress: Rune of the Dead20191h 49m4.4 (3.2K)
The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die20231h 51m6.9 (32K)

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings film franchise is an epic trilogy of fantasy films directed by Peter Jackson and based on the novels of the same name by J. R. R. Tolkien. The films follow the hobbit Frodo Baggins as he sets out on a quest to destroy the One Ring, an evil artifact created by the Dark Lord Sauron.

The first film in the trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), follows Frodo as he leaves his home in the Shire and sets out on his journey to Mordor, the land of Sauron. He is joined by a fellowship of companions, including the wizard Gandalf, the elf Legolas, the dwarf Gimli, and the men Aragorn, Boromir, Merry Brandybuck, and Pippin Took.

The second film in the trilogy, The Two Towers (2002), follows the fellowship as they are split apart and must continue on their quest separately. Frodo and Samwise Gamgee continue on to Mordor, while the others fight to distract Sauron’s forces.

The third film in the trilogy, The Return of the King (2003), follows Frodo and Sam as they finally reach Mordor and prepare to destroy the One Ring. The other members of the fellowship reunite and fight Sauron’s forces in the Battle of Minas Tirith. In the end, Frodo is able to destroy the One Ring and defeat Sauron.

The Lord of the Rings film franchise is a beloved classic that has been praised for its special effects, acting, and faithfulness to Tolkien’s novels. It is a story of good versus evil, friendship, and courage.


Movies like "Troy"

If you’re searching for just one movie that is as similar to “Troy” as it can be, then this is the one. The film tells the story of Maximus Decimus Meridius, a Roman general who is betrayed by Commodus, the son of the emperor. Maximus is forced to become a gladiator, and he vows to avenge his family’s death and overthrow Commodus.

The story begins with Maximus leading the Roman army to victory in a battle against the Germanic tribes. However, Commodus is jealous of Maximus’s success, and he has him and his family murdered. Maximus survives the attack, but he is enslaved and forced to become a gladiator.

Maximus quickly becomes one of the most popular gladiators in Rome. He is known for his skill and his bravery. He also gains the respect of the other gladiators, and they become his friends and allies.

Maximus eventually escapes from the gladiator arena and joins a rebellion against Commodus. He leads the rebels to victory in a battle against Commodus’s forces, and he kills Commodus in single combat.

Maximus dies from his wounds shortly after defeating Commodus. However, he is remembered as a hero who saved Rome from a tyrant.

Just like “Troy”, Gladiator is a powerful and moving film about revenge, redemption, and the power of the human spirit. It is also a visually stunning film with epic battle scenes and sweeping landscapes, making it one of the best movies like “Troy” that you can find today.

The Hobbit

Set several years before the events of “The Lord of the Rings”, The Hobbit tells the story of how Bilbo Baggins, the uncle of Frodo Baggins, came into possession of the One Ring, the evil artifact that is central to the plot of The Lord of the Rings. The films follow the hobbit Bilbo Baggins as he sets out on a quest to reclaim the lost treasure of Erebor from the dragon Smaug.

The first film in the trilogy, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012), follows Bilbo as he leaves his home in the Shire and joins a company of dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield on their quest to reclaim Erebor. Along the way, they face many dangers, including trolls, goblins, and orcs.

The second film in the trilogy, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013), follows Bilbo and the dwarves as they continue on their journey to Erebor. They face even more dangers this time, including the giant spider Shelob and the dragon Smaug himself.

The third film in the trilogy, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014), follows Bilbo and the dwarves as they finally reach Erebor and confront Smaug. The film also features a major battle between the dwarves, elves, and men against the orcs and trolls of Sauron.

The Hobbit movie franchise is a visually stunning and action-packed adventure story. It is also a story about friendship, courage, and the power of good to overcome evil.


Movies like "Troy"

300 is a 2006 American epic historical action film based on the 1998 comic series of the same name by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley.

The film tells the story of 300 Spartan warriors who fought to the death against a massive Persian army. The Spartans were led by King Leonidas, who was determined to defend his homeland at all costs.

Leonidas, the king of Sparta, is a man who knows his duty. He is to protect his people and his homeland, no matter the cost.

When Xerxes, the Persian king, invades Greece, Leonidas and his 300 Spartan warriors stand in his way. They are outnumbered and outgunned, but they are determined to fight to the death.

The Spartans know that they cannot defeat the Persians alone, but they hope that their sacrifice will inspire the rest of Greece to rise up against the invaders.

The Spartans fought bravely against the Persians, and they inflicted heavy casualties. However, they are eventually overwhelmed and killed.

Despite their defeat, the Spartans achieved their goal. Their sacrifice inspires the Greeks to continue fighting the Persians, and the Greeks eventually win the war.

Leonidas and his 300 Spartan warriors are remembered as heroes who fought for their country and their freedom. They are a reminder that even the smallest act of courage can make a difference.

300 is a visually stunning film with epic battle scenes and sweeping landscapes. It is also a story about courage, sacrifice, and the power of the human spirit, making it a top pick on our list of movies like “Troy”.

The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai is a 2003 American epic historical drama film directed by Edward Zwick and written by John Logan. The film is set in Japan in 1876, during the Meiji Restoration, and tells the story of an American military officer who is hired by the Japanese government to help train their modern army, but who eventually comes to respect and admire the samurai culture that he is trying to destroy.

The story begins with Captain Nathan Algren, a veteran of the American Civil War, being hired by the Japanese government to help train their modern army. Algren is initially reluctant to accept the job, but he is eventually convinced by the opportunity to make a fortune.

When Algren arrives in Japan, he is shocked by the country’s rapid modernization. He is also impressed by the samurai culture, which he sees as being noble and honorable.

Algren begins to train the Japanese army, but he soon realizes that the samurai are not as easily trained as he thought. The samurai are resistant to new ideas and methods, and they are also fiercely independent.

Algren also begins to develop a respect for the samurai culture. He is impressed by their code of honor and their willingness to sacrifice themselves for their beliefs.

Algren’s respect for the samurai eventually leads him to question his mission. He begins to wonder if he is on the right side of history.

In the end, Algren decides to side with the samurai in their rebellion against the Japanese government. He helps the samurai to defeat the modern army, and he is eventually killed in battle.

The Last Samurai is a visually stunning film with epic battle scenes and sweeping landscapes. It is also a story about culture clash, friendship, and redemption, and also one of the best movies like “Troy”.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Movies like "Troy"

“The Chronicles of Narnia” is a collection of three films that tells the story of four children, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie, who are transported to the fantasy land of Narnia through a secret magic doorway in a wardrobe in their uncle’s house.

There, they meet Aslan, the creator and ruler of Narnia. They must work together to defeat the White Witch and restore peace to Narnia.

The Chronicles of Narnia movies are a celebration of the human spirit and the power of good to overcome evil. They are also a reminder that we are all capable of great things if we believe in ourselves and in the power of love and friendship.

Kingdom of Heaven

Balian of Ibelin is a blacksmith who lives a simple life in France. He is a kind and compassionate man, but he is also haunted by his past.

One day, Balian’s estranged father, Baron Godfrey of Ibelin, arrives in France. Godfrey is a Crusader who is on his way back to Jerusalem. He invites Balian to join him, and Balian reluctantly agrees.

Balian and Godfrey travel to Jerusalem, where they arrive just as the city is under siege by the Muslim army of Saladin. Godfrey is killed in battle, and Balian is left to defend the city on his own.

Balian is initially reluctant to fight, but he is forced to do so in order to protect the people he loves. He learns to fight and lead, and he becomes a symbol of hope for the people of Jerusalem.

Balian eventually negotiates a peace treaty with Saladin, and he returns to France with his wife and child. He has learned a valuable lesson about the importance of tolerance and understanding.

Kingdom of Heaven is a complex and challenging film that explores difficult themes such as war, religion, and violence.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Movies like "Troy"

Dastan is a street urchin who is adopted by King Sharaman of Persia and raised as a prince. He is a skilled warrior and a loyal son, but he is also impulsive and reckless.

One day, Dastan and his brothers are sent to attack the holy city of Alamut, which is suspected of harboring enemies of Persia. During the attack, Dastan captures the Dagger of Time, a powerful artifact that can control time.

Dastan is accused of betraying Persia and murdering his father, King Sharaman. He is forced to go on the run with Tamina, a princess from Alamut. Dastan must clear his name and protect the Dagger of Time from falling into the wrong hands. It is one of the best movies like “Troy” available today.

Clash of the Titans

Perseus is a demigod, the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and Danaë, a mortal woman. Perseus is raised by a fisherman and his wife, who are unaware of his true identity.

One day, Perseus learns the truth about his parentage and his destiny. He is tasked with saving Argos from the wrath of the Kraken, a sea monster released by Hades, the god of the underworld.

Perseus sets out on a perilous journey to defeat the Kraken and save Argos. Along the way, he must face many challenges, including treacherous terrain, deadly creatures, and the wrath of Hades himself.

Perseus is joined on his journey by Io, a rebellious princess of Argos; Draco, a mysterious warrior; and a group of loyal companions. Together, they must overcome all odds and defeat the Kraken to save Argos and restore peace to the land.

“Clash of the Titans” is one the best movies like “Troy” that you can find and watch today.

John Carter

Movies like "Troy"

John Carter is a former Confederate Army captain who is living a solitary life in the American West. He is haunted by the memories of his past and the loss of his wife and children.

One day, Carter is mysteriously transported to Mars, a planet known as Barsoom to its inhabitants. Carter finds himself in a strange and dangerous world, where he is captured by the Tharks, a race of four-armed green giants.

Carter eventually escapes from the Tharks and joins forces with Dejah Thoris, a Martian princess who is fighting against the evil warlord Zodanga. Carter uses his superior strength and military skills to help Dejah and her people defeat Zodanga and restore peace to Barsoom.

Along the way, Carter falls in love with Dejah and learns to appreciate the beauty and wonder of Barsoom. He also discovers that he has a special connection to the planet, and that he is destined to play a role in its future.

John Carter is a story about adventure, love, and redemption. It is also a story about the power of the human spirit to overcome any obstacle.

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