“Pacific Rim” Movies in Order (2012 – 2018)

Spanning over 5 years from 2012 to 2018, this post guides you on how to watch the “Pacific Rim” movies in order, while answering the question, how many “Pacific Rim” movies are there?

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"Pacific Rim" movies in order

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How many “Pacific Rim” movies are there?

With a 6-year gap between them, there are just two “Pacific Rim” movies ever released. With the first title, “Pacific Rim”, hitting the screens in 2012, and the second one, “Pacific Rim: Uprising”, released in 2018.

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Pacific Rim movies in order

Here’s how you should the “Pacific Rim” movies in order.

Pacific Rim20122h 11m
Pacific Rim: Uprising20181h 51m

Pacific Rim

In the near future, a rift between dimensions at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean allows giant monsters called Kaiju to emerge and wreak havoc on Earth. To counter this threat, the nations of the world unite to create the Jaeger program. Jaegers are colossal robots controlled by two pilots whose minds are linked in a process called “Drifting.”

The film follows the story of Raleigh Becket, a former Jaeger pilot traumatized by the loss of his brother during a Kaiju battle. As the Kaiju attacks escalate in frequency and size, the Jaeger program is on the verge of being shut down in favor of building massive coastal walls for protection.

Stacker Pentecost, the head of the Jaeger program, believes that the only way to defeat the Kaiju is to launch a final assault on the rift. To do this, he recruits Raleigh to pilot the obsolete Jaeger named Gipsy Danger alongside his new co-pilot, Mako Mori.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

"Pacific Rim" movies in order

Ten years after the events of the first film, the world has adapted to the constant threat of Kaiju attacks. Jake Pentecost, the son of the legendary Jaeger pilot Stacker Pentecost, has turned to a life of scavenging and black-market dealings.

One day, he encounters a young Jaeger hacker named Amara Namani, who has built her own mini-Jaeger called Scrapper. Both Jake and Amara find themselves in trouble with the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC), the organization responsible for Jaeger operations. To avoid prison, Jake is given the option to return to the PPDC as an instructor.

As tensions rise and new threats emerge, a mysterious organization plans to unleash a new wave of Kaiju attacks to erase humanity. Jake teams up with his estranged former co-pilot Nate Lambert and a group of young Jaeger cadets to face this evolving threat.

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