“Rocky” Movies in Order (1976 – 2023)

From 1976 to 2023, this post details how to watch the “Rocky” movies in order, and how many “Rocky” movies are there.

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"Rocky" movies in order

How many “Rocky” movies are there?

If counting only the films that go with the title, “Rocky”, then it’s safe to say there are just six “Rocky” movies, but if we’re to include the three “Creed” movies that continue the story from where “Rocky” left it, albeit while shifting the focus this time on a new main character, then we can say there are 9 “Rocky” movies in total, with “Creed”, “Creed II”, and “Creed III”, making up the last three films.

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“Rocky” movies in order

How to watch the “Rocky” movies in order.

Rocky19762h 00m
Rocky II19791h 59m
Rocky III19821h 39m
Rocky IV19851h 31m
Rocky V19901h 44m
Rocky Balboa20061h 42m
Creed20152h 13m
Creed II20182h 10m
Creed III20231h 56m

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The film is the first installment in the “Rocky” film series, set in Philadelphia, and follows the life of Rocky Balboa, a down-on-his-luck boxer who works as a debt collector for a loan shark. Rocky is a seemingly ordinary guy who struggles to make ends meet, spends time at the local gym, and has dreams of becoming a successful boxer.

Rocky’s life takes an unexpected turn when he is offered the chance to fight the reigning heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed. Creed, the undisputed champion, decides to give an unknown fighter a shot at the title as a publicity stunt. Rocky is chosen as Creed’s opponent, and he agrees to the challenge, mainly for the substantial payday.

As Rocky starts training for the biggest fight of his life, he receives help and support from several people who believe in him. His trainer, Mickey Goldmill, pushes him to be the best he can be. Rocky’s blossoming romance with Adrian, who works at the local pet store, provides emotional support and motivation.

The film explores Rocky’s journey from an underdog to a fighter with heart and determination. Despite his lack of formal training, Rocky’s grit, resilience, and unwavering commitment to the fight become the driving force that captures the hearts of the public.

The climactic showdown between Rocky and Apollo Creed takes place at the Philadelphia Spectrum. The fight is a brutal and thrilling spectacle, and Rocky’s determination becomes a symbol of hope and perseverance.

Rocky II

"Rocky" movies in order

“Rocky II” begins right where the first film left off, with Rocky Balboa having just fought Apollo Creed in a grueling 15-round match for the heavyweight championship. Despite a valiant effort, Rocky loses the fight by a split decision.

The film explores the aftermath of the first fight. Rocky, battered and disillusioned, is determined to retire from boxing and lead a quiet, normal life with his love interest and now wife, Adrian. However, life outside the ring is not as easy as he thought.

Financial struggles, combined with a series of unfulfilling jobs, lead Rocky to reconsider his decision to retire. Meanwhile, Apollo Creed, humiliated by the close match and criticism that he didn’t decisively defeat Rocky, pressures Rocky into a rematch. He wants to prove that the first fight was a fluke and that he is the undisputed champion.

As Rocky returns to the gym and begins training for the rematch, he faces personal challenges and doubts about his own abilities. He receives guidance from his former trainer, Mickey Goldmill, and his brother-in-law, Paulie.

Rocky’s relationship with Adrian is strained as she is fearful of the potential risks and consequences of his return to the ring. However, she eventually gives her support, and their love becomes a driving force behind Rocky’s motivation.

The climax of the film features the highly anticipated rematch between Rocky and Apollo Creed, this time for the championship title. The fight is another grueling battle, with Rocky determined to prove that he is not just “another bum from the neighborhood.”

Rocky III

“Rocky III” continues to follow the life of Rocky Balboa, who is now the reigning heavyweight champion of the world. His life appears to be on a high, with fame and wealth. However, his success and complacency have made him lose his edge in the ring.

Rocky’s complacency becomes evident when he faces a brash, young, and hungry challenger named James “Clubber” Lang. Lang defeats Rocky in a shocking upset, taking the championship title. This loss shatters Rocky’s confidence and sends him into a crisis.

In the midst of his personal turmoil, Rocky’s former adversary and friend, Apollo Creed, offers to train him for a rematch against Clubber Lang. Apollo helps Rocky regain his fighting spirit and refocus his determination.

The training sequences in “Rocky III” are iconic, showcasing Rocky’s rigorous workouts and Apollo’s unorthodox methods, which include a beach sprint and chasing chickens. The film’s training montage set to the song “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor has become legendary in cinematic history.

Rocky’s rematch with Clubber Lang becomes the central focus of the film’s final act. It’s a brutal and emotionally charged fight, with Rocky fighting not just for the championship but for his self-respect and redemption.

The film also delves into the evolving relationship between Rocky and Apollo Creed, who transition from rivals to close friends and training partners. The dynamic between them adds depth to the story.

Rocky IV

"Rocky" movies in order

“Rocky IV” takes a different turn by focusing on the political tensions of the era, as it’s set against the backdrop of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. The film follows the continued adventures of Rocky Balboa as he defends his heavyweight title against a formidable opponent, Ivan Drago, a powerful Soviet boxer.

The film opens with a match between Apollo Creed, Rocky’s close friend, and Ivan Drago, held in the United States. The fight turns tragic when Drago’s devastating blows lead to Creed’s death in the ring, much to Rocky’s horror and grief. This sets the stage for a deeply personal and emotionally charged rivalry between Rocky and Drago.

Outraged by his friend’s death and seeking to avenge Apollo, Rocky decides to travel to the Soviet Union for a boxing match against Ivan Drago. He is determined to defeat Drago and prove that strength and heart can overcome the technological advantages of his opponent.

The film explores Rocky’s intense training in a harsh, remote environment, as he prepares for the fight against Drago. Meanwhile, the world watches the showdown between the American underdog and the Soviet giant as a symbol of the political conflict.

The climax of “Rocky IV” is the dramatic and brutal fight between Rocky and Drago, which takes place in Moscow. The match is a high-stakes battle with Rocky fighting not just for himself but for his country and the memory of his friend.

Rocky V

“Rocky V” picks up immediately after the events of “Rocky IV.” After the brutal match with Ivan Drago, Rocky Balboa is diagnosed with brain damage. His medical condition forces him to retire from boxing and relinquish his heavyweight championship title.

Rocky and his family return to their humble Philadelphia roots, but they discover that their financial advisor has squandered their fortune, leaving them virtually penniless. Rocky faces the harsh reality of being out of the boxing game and struggles to adapt to a regular life.

To make ends meet, Rocky opens a gym in the neighborhood where he began his boxing career. He takes on the role of a trainer, mentoring young fighters. One of his promising proteges is Tommy Gunn, a talented but impulsive boxer who seeks guidance from Rocky.

However, Tommy becomes seduced by the world of fame and fortune and decides to leave Rocky’s tutelage to be trained by a self-serving promoter, George Washington Duke. This decision leads to a rivalry between Rocky and Duke, who seeks to exploit Tommy’s potential.

Rocky also faces personal challenges, including his strained relationship with his son, Robert, who is adjusting to their changed circumstances and feeling overshadowed by his father’s boxing legacy.

The film explores themes of mentorship, family, and the enduring spirit of a fighter. Rocky’s journey is not one of physical combat but of personal redemption and finding value beyond the boxing ring.

The climax of the film features a street fight between Rocky and Tommy Gunn, which takes place in the gritty streets of Philadelphia. The fight is an emotional showdown that tests the limits of Rocky’s resolve and the principles of the sport.

Rocky Balboa

"Rocky" movies in order

“Rocky Balboa” revisits the life of the iconic boxer Rocky Balboa several years after his last fight. Rocky has retired from boxing and is mourning the loss of his beloved wife, Adrian, who has passed away due to illness. He now owns a restaurant in Philadelphia called Adrian’s, in her memory.

The world of boxing has changed, with new fighters, new rules, and new attitudes. The sport has become more commercialized, and the passion of the past seems to have faded. Rocky is haunted by the memories of his glory days, and he still yearns for the ring.

A computer simulation pits the current world champion, Mason “The Line”, against a young Rocky in his prime. The simulation captures the public’s imagination and sparks a debate about how Rocky from his prime would fare against today’s champion.

This prompts Rocky to make an unexpected and unprecedented decision: to come out of retirement for a one-time exhibition match against Mason Dixon. He believes this fight will help him find closure and prove to himself that he’s still got what it takes.

Rocky’s decision to return to the ring captures the public’s attention, and he begins training for the exhibition match with the help of his former trainer, Paulie, and a new friend, Marie. As Rocky prepares, he also reconnects with his estranged son, Robert, who has grown distant from his father.

The climax of the film is the exhibition match between Rocky and Mason Dixon, which takes place in Las Vegas. The match is a testament to the spirit of an aging fighter who still has the heart and determination to face challenges head-on.


The seventh film in the “Rocky” movies is titled “Creed”, and takes a fresh approach by shifting the focus to a new generation of characters while still honoring the legacy of the original “Rocky” films.

“Creed” introduces Adonis “Donnie” Johnson, the illegitimate son of the late Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboa’s former rival and friend. Donnie has grown up in foster care and juvenile facilities, never fully understanding or embracing his father’s legacy. He goes by his birth name, Johnson, to distance himself from his father’s fame.

Despite his reservations, Donnie is drawn to boxing and has a natural talent for the sport. He quits his white-collar job and decides to pursue a career in boxing, hoping to make a name for himself outside of his father’s shadow. Donnie travels to Philadelphia to seek out Rocky Balboa and asks him to be his trainer.

Rocky is initially reluctant to return to the boxing world but eventually agrees to mentor Donnie, seeing potential in the young fighter and recognizing that he can’t escape his own legacy. As Rocky trains Donnie, a father-son dynamic develops between the two.

Donnie’s journey in the film mirrors Rocky’s early career, as he starts as an underdog and works his way up the ranks. He also begins a romantic relationship with Bianca, a musician with her own dreams and ambitions.

The film culminates in Donnie challenging the reigning light heavyweight champion, “Pretty” Ricky Conlan, for the title. Donnie aims to prove that he is not just Apollo Creed’s son but a talented fighter in his own right.

Creed II

"Rocky" movies in order

As a direct sequel to the 2015 film “Creed”, “Creed II” continues the story of Adonis “Donnie” Creed, as he faces a formidable opponent with deep ties to his family’s past.

The film opens with Adonis Creed, now the reigning WBC World Heavyweight Champion, facing new challenges in his career and personal life. He’s thriving in his relationship with Bianca and has sought guidance from his mentor, Rocky Balboa.

However, a new threat emerges in the form of Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago, the man who killed Adonis’s father, Apollo Creed, in the ring over three decades earlier. Viktor is a formidable, brutal boxer trained by his father to avenge their family’s disgrace.

Adonis feels a deep sense of duty to fight Viktor, not only to defend his championship but also to seek redemption for his father’s legacy. Despite Rocky’s concerns and objections, Adonis accepts the challenge.

The film explores the personal and emotional aspects of this high-stakes match. Adonis grapples with the emotional weight of facing the son of the man who took his father’s life. Bianca also faces challenges of her own, as she deals with her progressive hearing loss and their growing family.

As the fight between Adonis and Viktor Drago approaches, the film delves into the history and dynamics of the Creed and Drago families, highlighting themes of family, revenge, and redemption.

The climax of “Creed II” is the intense and emotionally charged boxing match between Adonis Creed and Viktor Drago. The fight is a brutal and physically demanding battle that tests the resolve and determination of both fighters.

Creed III

follows Adonis Creed (Jordan) as he faces his most challenging opponent yet: Damian Anderson, a childhood friend who also happens to be the illegitimate son of Ivan Drago, the man who killed Creed’s father, Apollo Creed.

Creed and Anderson have a complicated history, and their rivalry comes to a head in the ring. Creed must fight for his family, his legacy, and his own redemption.

And there you have it, folks, how to watch the “Rocky” movies in order, and how many “Rocky” movies are there.

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