“Scream” Movies in Order (1996 – 2023)

From 1996 to 2023, this post details how to watch the “Scream” movies in order, and how many “Scream” movies are there.

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"Scream" movies in order

How many “Scream” movies are there?

Depending on how you choose to count them, there can either be six or seven “Scream” movies. Six, if you’re counting the main “Scream” film franchise with the storyline picking up where the last movie left it, and seven if you decide to add the TV series reboot of the film, titled “Scream Queens”, where the storyline is closely related to that of the main film, but the characters are different.

And having said that, now let’s see the correct order to watch these films.

“Scream” movies in order

How to watch the “Scream” movies in the right order.

Scream19961h 51m7.4 (379K)
Scream 219972h 00m6.3 (205K)
Scream 320001h 56m5.6 (160K)
Scream 420111h 51m6.2 (167K)
Scream20221h 54m6.3 (151K)
Scream VI20232h 02m6.5 (109K)
Scream Queens2015 – 2016TV Series7.1 (45K)

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“Scream” is the first installment in the “Scream” film series, released in 1966, and the story takes place in the fictional town of Woodsboro, California. The film opens with Casey Becker receiving a mysterious phone call while home alone. The caller, who identifies himself as “Ghostface” and wears a black robe with a white mask, engages Casey in a chilling conversation before revealing his intent to kill her and her boyfriend, Steve.

Casey and Steve are brutally murdered in a violent and shocking manner, setting the stage for the horror that follows. The news of their deaths spreads quickly, leading to fear and panic among the town’s residents.

The central character of the film is Sidney Prescott, a high school student who is still grieving the loss of her mother in a brutal murder a year earlier. As the murders continue, Sidney becomes the primary target of the killer. She also becomes the focus of media attention, with reporters descending on Woodsboro to cover the story.

Sidney’s friends and classmates, including her best friend Tatum, her boyfriend Billy, and film geek Randy, are all caught up in the fear and uncertainty surrounding the killings.

As more deaths occur, Sidney begins to suspect that her mother’s murder and the current killings may be connected. The local sheriff, Dewey Riley, and reporter Gale Weathers are also investigating the murders, with Gale hoping to advance her career through the story.

The film is notable for its self-awareness, with characters referencing classic horror movie tropes and rules. They discuss how to survive a horror film, and this meta-commentary adds an additional layer to the movie.

Scream 2

"Scream" movies in order

Two years after the events of the first film, Sidney Prescott is now a college student at Windsor College, trying to move on from the traumatic events of the first film. She is living with her roommate Hallie and is dating Derek.

However, the horrors of the past return when a new string of murders begins at Windsor College, starting with the brutal killing of two students at a sneak preview of the horror film “Stab,” which is based on the events of the first movie. The killer wears the same Ghostface mask and black robe.

The return of the Ghostface killer terrifies the college campus, and Sidney, her friends, and the local police are left trying to unravel the mystery and protect themselves.

Gale Weathers also returns to investigate the new murders. Her cameraman, Dewey Riley, is now a technical consultant on the “Stab” film.

As the murders continue, the characters find themselves confronting the possibility of a copycat killer who may have ties to the events of the first film. They also grapple with the question of whether or not Sidney herself is the target.

Scream 3

Three years after the events of “Scream 2.” Sidney Prescott has gone into hiding to escape the trauma of the past and live a secluded life under an assumed identity. Meanwhile, the events of the previous films have inspired a Hollywood film titled “Stab 3,” based on the original murders.

As “Stab 3” begins production, the cast and crew find themselves targeted by a new Ghostface killer who uses the movie as a template for a new series of murders. The killer starts by murdering Cotton Weary, who had been introduced in “Scream 2.”

The production of “Stab 3” is halted, and the cast, including the actress playing Sidney in the film, Jennifer Jolie, becomes entangled in the new string of murders.

Sidney is drawn back into the chaos when she learns about the new killings and the connection to her past. She returns to Hollywood, where she reconnects with old friends and faces new threats.

As the new Ghostface killer’s identity is slowly unveiled, the characters must navigate a web of secrets and lies related to the past.

Scream 4

"Scream" movies in order

Sidney Prescott, who has written a successful self-help book, returns to her hometown on a book tour. Her arrival coincides with a new string of Ghostface murders, reawakening the terror and trauma of the past.

Sidney reconnects with her cousin Jill Roberts and her aunt Kate. Also returning to Woodsboro are Dewey Riley, who is now the town’s sheriff, and his wife Gale Weathers, who is struggling with writer’s block.

Jill, her friends Kirby and Olivia, and her ex-boyfriend Trevor become embroiled in the new series of murders, all of which seem to follow the Ghostface template. They are joined by film geeks Charlie and Robbie, who run a webcast about the killings.

As the new Ghostface killer terrorizes Woodsboro, the characters find themselves in a modern era where technology plays a central role in the horror. Text messaging, webcams, and social media are used by the killer to torment and taunt the victims.


Serving as a soft reboot to the original films while introducing new characters, the film takes us back to the town of Woodsboro, where a new string of Ghostface murders takes place.

The story revolves around a group of high school friends, including Sam Carpenter, who returns to her hometown of Woodsboro after many years away. Sam is haunted by the memory of her mother, who was brutally murdered when Sam was a child.

As the new murders occur, Sam’s arrival in Woodsboro and her connection to the past are central to the plot. She is joined by her friends, including Tara Carpenter, who is targeted by Ghostface, and her boyfriend Richie.

Returning to the story are Dewey Riley, now a private investigator; Gale Weathers, who is estranged from Dewey; and Sidney Prescott, who has been living in isolation.

As the murders unfold, the characters are forced to confront their past traumas, reevaluate their relationships, and uncover the motives of the new Ghostface killer.

Scream VI

"Scream" movies in order

In the aftermath of the latest Ghostface killings that terrorized Woodsboro, four survivors leave their hometown behind and start a fresh chapter in New York City. However, their hopes for peace are shattered when a new Ghostface emerges, targeting the survivors and their loved ones.

Sam Carpenter, burdened by the legacy of her father, struggles to move on from the past. Her younger sister, Tara, is still haunted by the trauma of her attack and grapples with her newfound fame as a survivor. Twins Mindy Meeks-Martin and Chad Meeks-Martin, seeking to escape their own personal demons, find themselves caught in the crossfire of the new Ghostface’s reign of terror.

As Ghostface’s attacks escalate, the survivors must once again confront the darkness that has followed them from Woodsboro. They must rely on each other, their instincts, and their newfound knowledge of the rules of horror movies to survive.

Along the way, they encounter a new group of potential suspects, each with their own secrets and motives. Old wounds are reopened, and new fears are unleashed as the survivors race against time to uncover the identity of Ghostface before it’s too late.

And there you have it, folks, how to watch the “Scream” movies in order, and how many “Scream” movies are there.

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