The “Step Up” Movies in Order (2006 – 2022)

If you must know, today, we’ll be showing you how to watch the “Step Up” movies in the correct order, starting from 2006 when the first film was released, and extending to 2022, with the release of two additional films which are basically spin-offs of the original films.

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"Step Up" movies in order

The “Step Up” Movies in Order

As promised, here are the “Step Up” movies in chronological order.

Step Up20061h 44m
Step Up 2: The Streets20081h 38m
Step Up 3D20101h 47m
Step Up Revolution20121h 39m
Step Up All In20141h 52m
Step Up China20191h 40m
Step Up: High Water2018 – 2022TV Series

Step Up (2006)

“Step Up” is a 2006 dance film directed by Anne Fletcher. The story centers around Tyler Gage, a young man with a troubled past living in Baltimore. After Tyler and his friends break into the Maryland School of Arts, he ends up doing community service at the school.

While at the school, Tyler crosses paths with Nora Clark, a talented and disciplined ballet dancer. When Nora’s dance partner gets injured, Tyler reluctantly agrees to fill in. Despite their contrasting dance styles, Tyler’s street-wise hip-hop and Nora’s classical ballet, they find a way to blend their skills and create something unique.

Step Up 2: The Streets (2008)

"Step Up" movies in order

With the second installment in the “Step Up” movie franchise, the story follows rebellious street dancer Andie West, who lands in hot water after a prank gone wrong. Instead of being sent to juvenile detention, she is given a chance to attend the Maryland School of the Arts (MSA) after her guardian, Sarah, vouches for her.

At MSA, Andie struggles to fit in with the more traditional dance styles, but she finds a sense of belonging when she discovers the underground dance crew, “The 410.” Led by the charismatic and talented Chase Collins, The 410 specializes in street dance.

As Andie navigates the challenges of balancing her commitment to MSA and her loyalty to The 410, she develops a complex relationship with Chase.

Step Up 3D (2010)

“Step Up 3D” is the third installment in the “Step Up” film series. The story follows Moose, a talented street dancer who enrolls at New York University (NYU) to pursue an engineering degree. While at NYU, Moose meets Luke Katcher, the leader of a dance crew called the Pirates.

Moose and the Pirates, along with their friends, form a tight-knit dance community in a warehouse known as “The Vault.” They face financial challenges and are threatened with eviction, but they learn about a dance competition with a cash prize that could solve their problems.

To compete in the competition, the crew faces obstacles, including rival dance crews and personal conflicts. Along the way, Moose becomes romantically involved with a dancer named Camille Gage, and they navigate the complexities of their relationship amid the pressures of the competition.

Step Up Revolution (2012)

"Step Up" movies in order

And coming to the fourth installment in the “Step Up” film series. The story is set in Miami and follows Sean Asa, a skilled street dancer who aspires to become a professional dancer. Sean leads a dance crew known as “The Mob,” which stages elaborate flash mobs in public spaces to showcase their talent and make a statement about art and self-expression.

Complications arise when Emily Anderson, the daughter of a wealthy businessman with plans to develop the neighborhood, becomes romantically involved with Sean. Emily, a talented contemporary dancer, joins forces with The Mob to incorporate their street style into her dance routine for a prestigious contest that could change their lives.

As The Mob gains popularity with their flash mobs, they face opposition from Emily’s father, who views their performances as disruptive to his development plans. The crew must overcome these challenges while preparing for the ultimate dance competition, where they aim to win and secure a sponsorship deal.

Step Up All In(2014)

After the events of the previous film, Sean assembles a new dance crew called “LMNTRIX” with his friend Moose and other talented dancers.

Struggling to make a breakthrough, the crew travels to Las Vegas to participate in a competition that offers a three-year contract for a residency show. In Vegas, they encounter old friends and rival dancers, including Sean’s now ex-girlfriend Andie West.

As LMNTRIX faces formidable opponents in “The Vortex,” a renowned dance competition, they must overcome personal conflicts and collaborate to win the prize.

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